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Plot soundings from acars data

Atmospheric soundings via balloon launch are few and far between, only normally launching twice per day at 00Z and 12Z. Even if you are interested in a sounding at those times, chances are you aren't close to one, as the spatial coverage of these launches is sparse.

Plotting Skew-T diagrams in Python

One feature of my python meteorological package pyMeteo is SkewT/LnP plotting from various data formats. These plots can read directly from certain kinds of model input and output data files from command line scripts and from numpy arrays in your python scripts.

Using two filled contour plots simultaneously in matplotlib

In my research endeavors I came across the need to overlay two filled contour plots to combine information with context needed to interpret it. I found some older solutions that were quite complicated but managed to find a much simpler solution.

Welcome to

Welcome to my personal blog where I'll be posting about meteorology, software development, system administration, aviation and whatever else comes to mind. This is also a good excuse to become more familiar with front-end development to fill out my full stack credentials.