I've been writing software since I was a kid when my grandmother finally trusted me enough to mess around with her Commodore-64 where I learned BASIC. I program in C, C++, Fortran (2003,2008), Python, Perl and others. I've been running Linux for 20 years and know my way around web servers (Apache, Nginx), mail servers (sendmail, postfix, dovecot), DNS, as well as system programming. I also wear the hats of a meteorologist (We Are!), an aviator (flight instructor and airline pilot), husband and father.

I actively develop a few open source projects and have contributed to a few open source projects including matplotlib, conky and showEQ.

You can find me on google+ at +CaseyWebster, on twitter @wxCasey, on Stack Exchange as casey, and on github as cwebster2.

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